Sunday, March 8, 2009

MTL News and Updates

Top MTL Vote Getters:
Candice Thornton
Allison Conlin
Alex Reardon
Sara Barbin
Sara MacFarland
Paige Thornton
Jessica Miller
Danika Dobson
Danielle Schultze
Courtney Kistler
Brittany Paulshock
Alaina Konshack

Hope everybody had a good Spring Break. Many new ideas were processed over the week off here at the MTL, and we have scheduled some events for the upcoming week.

On Friday night, the More Taste League is throwing a weekend JumpOff bonanza starting at 9PM. You all know the deal, and MTL regulated rules will be in affect. We will have a live reading of the new poll for the week and we will be having free T-Shirt give-aways.

On Saturday, 3/14 the MTL will be hosting our St. Patrick's day breakfast bash. We will be starting early, around 9AM and will go till Noon. Please contact MTL Officials to find out information on the location of the event. We will be providing the services, all we ask for is a donation to the More Taste League Development Fund.

After the Breakfast Bash, we will be moving the event to the Boyd Baseball stadium, as the MTL will be hosting a baseball tailgate bar-b-que. The E-Town men's baseball team has their first home game against Muhlenburg @ Noon, so we hope to get a good number of participants. The MTL will provide the grill and some of the food, but it will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Hope that we get allot of people to show up. We are providing the public with a big opportunity to come out and have a good time.

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